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The Importance of Group Therapy for Domestic Violence Survivors

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Now that survivors know what the five benefits of domestic violence counseling are, they can make the choice to seek help from escaping their violent partner with the knowledge that there are people waiting to help them.

When a person is the victim of domestic violence, their soul is broken which is the reason after you leave a relationship with an abuser, it is important to receive the help and support you need to get your soul back. Here are several ways in which group therapy is beneficial to domestic violence survivors in their quest to gain back their lives in a healthy manner.

Negative Beliefs

Group therapy can allow domestic violence survivors to have the opportunity to support one another and to minimize and even eliminate the negative beliefs about themselves that were brought on by the abusive partner’s gaslighting and manipulation. Letting go of those types of beliefs is very important for domestic violence survivors to be able to move on with their lives in a positive manner and will help them to gain back their self-esteem and self-worth.

Patterns of Abuse

Within a group therapy session, participants can learn the different forms that fall under domestic violence so they can work to break those patterns. For example, group support can make it easier for a domestic violence victim to leave the relationship as safely as possible and to obtain a civil protection order.

Share Feelings of Survivors

When a person leaves an abusive relationship, they need support to know and understand that the feelings they are experiencing are normal. They may feel anger, guilt, shame, sadness, resentment, and a lot of fear when leaving their abuser and need to be able to talk about those feelings with people who understand because they have been through it already.

Network of Support

Because many domestic violence group therapy counseling sessions are attended by people in different stages of the healing process, the ones that are further along can be very helpful to the ones who are still in the relationship or have left recently. This allows them to gain support from people who will understand their feelings at every stage of the process, from leaving their abuser to getting settled into their new life without abuse.

At Vista Counseling, group therapy for domestic violence victims and survivors is offered on a regular basis to ensure that people are able to have their emotional and psychological needs met while gaining the support of others who have been successful in starting new, abuse-free lives.

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